Our first priority is our customer service. We involve our clients within all aspects of production, from start to finish which ensures that results are accurate and meet/exceed expectation.
Tracking Product Inventory:

We pride ourselves with our conscientious inventory control procedures, ensuring that all products are accounted for throughout production, and that any surplus is returned to the client at the end of the project.

Quality Assurance:

Our thorough process of quality assurance includes;

  • Preparation: Color, copy and materials are carefully reviewed and documented for client’s approval.
  • Pre-Production: All data is cross checked, before being sent to press.
  • Post –Production: All aspects of the project are checked and verified prior to transit.

Automation and Resources:

With our “state of the art” manufacturing facilities and professional, superior staff, we are able to provide our client’s with an aggressive turn around time, cost effective methods of production, and un-matched quality control.

Need assistance? Our in-house designer’s, printers, coordinators, and support staff are always accessible to assist.

Flexibility for variations and experimentation:

Marketing possibilities are endless; we welcome a variety of projects and are always excited to experiment with new ideas and fields.